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Wellms is the world's first open-source headless Learning management system (LMS) that puts developers as first class citizens. It is written in modern, strongly typed PHP8 & TypeScript, fully customizable and 100% focused on delivering performant and powerful API.

Headless API First

Headless API-first technology you can build a custom bespoke solution, and integrate it with any other technology

Made for developers

Because “make by developers, for developers” matters now more than ever

Fully Tested

We test our code, so you won't have to. There are more than 1000 integration tests already written with that number rising every time we expand our codebase. Currently, overall code coverage is close to 80%

One-Click installer

Deploy your Wellms instance in 3 minutes with Docker images and provided scripts.

Open Source

The entire codebase is available on GitHub (MIT) distributed by independent fully testes packages


Prioritize data privacy. Keep a constant watch over your data and your costs.

Course Headless Open Format

You can export and import courses at any stage of publishing process. Out data format is open sourced and fully documented, created with readability and parsing performance in mind.


Consume our fully documented RESTful API from any web client (using React, Vue, Angular, Svelte or any other fronted framework), mobile app or even IoT device.


Freely introduce changes to the admin panel as well as the API. Manage your courses custom topic types. Define new types of interactive content, upload custom H5P components and change everything else you can think of. It's open source after all.

Frontend framework agnostic

Some developers prefer to work with Vue, others like React, or Angular, while others feel like Svelte is the future. One of our unique features is that it might work with any frontend framework.

Battle tested technologies

Laravel 9+, PHP 8+, Node.js, TypeScript and React

Integrations and plugins

Due to the distributed monolith nature of the backend, attaching integration is a forward process. So far we can integrate wells with Mattermost and Slack, Jitsi, and webinars (RMTP publishing) for Youtube or AWS Streaming, for Scheduling and so on.