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In order to create your own Wellms backend REST API you have few options

API Project with makefile CLI and docker

Option 1. composer create

  1. composer create-project escolallms/api wellms
  2. That creates a project in wellms folder

Option 2. Cloning repo

  1. git clone
  2. That creates a project in wellms folder

Using makefile commands

Inside the folder run make init

There are some assumptions to make command above works file

This should install you default application with the following credentials

RoleEmail IDPassword

Application will be accessible on http://localhost:1001 You should see API documentation (Swagger UI) at http://localhost:1001/api/documentation#/

Now you can add your code as you could in standard Laravel Application

Without docker

  1. Clone repo on your machine
  2. Create your .env file base on the example .env.example
  3. Follow the installation like standard Laravel Application installation
  4. Configure queues and scheduling
  5. Add CORS definition to your server (those are static files that are not handled by Laravel) for h5p files, see

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