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All the demo content is hosted on the domain not to distinguish staging and production.

Before you launch application

Demo content is purged every 24 hours, so feel free to change anything. You won't corrupt anything.

NOTE demo is not sending any real emails and all card data is mock, it's a staging testing Stripe account. You cannot perform any real transactions in the demo.

Login credentials

  • Admin to access panel. Use the credentials and password secret.
  • Student to access the application. You can create your own account or use one and password secret

Payment card details

Use testing cards from Stripe, example

Visa4242424242424242Any 3 digitsAny future date
Visa (debit)4000056655665556Any 3 digitsAny future date
Mastercard5555555555554444Any 3 digitsAny future date

Sending emails

All emails are not actually sent. You need to visit the demo (due to the security of our domain).  Whenever an app or admin panel says that email has been sent, do not check your mailbox All emails will be avaiable in MailHog service, links below

Production demo

The stable demo is built from Docker images. It is a production demo, therefore it should be faster and more stable than a staging demo. This app is built from Create-LMS-App

ApplicationURL Link
Frontend Demo
Admin Demo
All mails will be here