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Create LMS APP

Create LMS APP is a quick start docker based application.



  • you're on MacOS, Linux or Windows WSL
  • you have docker & docker-composer installed
  • port 80 is free

You have the following options

Installation from script (requires node to be installed).

Run npx --package=@escolalms/cla lms

Installation from source

Clone this repository then,

git clone

in order to launch LMS

run make init shell script

Installation troubleshooting

Installation process is based on docker-compose file.

Clone the repository (see Installation from source above), then try to start all images docker-compose up -d

Once all the docker containers are running you need to perform the following sequence of tasks

  1. docker-pull
  2. docker-up
  3. dumpautoload
  4. generate-new-keys-no-db
  5. migrate
  6. generate-new-keys-db
  7. permissions-seeder
  8. storage-links
  9. content-rich-seeder
  10. restart
  11. success

All of the above are described in makefile

First steps

Once everything is installed (takes a while)


  • please create issue in this repository
  • Windows users - this package is not tested on your system yet.

Other topics regarding this method are described in - Create Wellms App Development