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Front app documentation

To view saved tasks, access your user profile and go to the "My Tasks" section.

Tasks - My profile

The user can view all tasks or filter by time (for today, upcoming, overdue). From the list the user can add, edit or delete tasks. The user can also mark tasks as completed or send a request to check the correctness of a task.

Tasks - list assigned

When adding or editing a task, the user can choose which resource the task applies to. From the frontend application, users can create only their own tasks, without the ability to assign tasks to other system users.

Task - form self task

Admin panel documentation


The task list allows you to search by task title, type of assigned resource and author. From the list you can also access the form for creating and editing a task, and delete a task.

Task list

From the admin panel, you can create and assign tasks to users. Task form

Assigning a user Task form - Assigning a user

Assigning of resource Task form - Assigning of resource

Task notes

From the task form, you can also create notes. Notes can be created by the person who created the tasks or by an assigned person. Task notes form