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Admin panel documentation

This package is used to convert video to the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Format when creating a video topic type. To create a video topic, you can upload a new file in mp4, ogg or webm format or select a previously uploaded file from the file browser.

Once the video is uploaded, the conversion process begins, and you can track its progress using the progress bar displayed above the video.

Video form

You can display information about the processing status by displaying the JSON Metadata value.

JSON metadata


You can configure this package by navigating to the Settings tab and selecting the package video tab.


  • enable - Enables or disables video processing. When it is disabled then the url to the original file is returned.
  • non_strict_value - When this setting is enabled, the url to the original file is returned until the conversion process is finished. This allows the topic to be made available to students earlier.


  • bitrates - This setting controls the quality and resolution. The key takes an array of values.
    • kiloBitrates - parameter determines the video quality
    • scale - parameter controls the video resolution. Adjusting this parameter may cause video distortion (you can omit this parameter)