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This package lets you create Payments and process them using integrations with external payment providers (gateways).


  • Stripe integration is based on league/omnipay and omnipay/stripe packages.
  • Przelewy24 integration is based on mnastalski/przelewy24-php package.
  • Optional integration with escolalms/settings package enables changing payment gateway api keys & secrets using Settings API (and Admin Panel).


  • composer require escolalms/payments
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed --class="EscolaLms\Cart\Database\Seeders\CartPermissionSeeder"



Payments Facade

Use EscolaLms\Payments\Facades\Payments for starting payment processing. You can create PaymentProcessor` either from a model using Payable trait or from precreated Payment object.

use EscolaLms\Cart\Models\Cart;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Dtos\PaymentMethodDto;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Facades\Payments;

$payable = Cart::find($id); // Cart must implement Payable interface and use Payable trait
$paymentMethodDto = PaymentMethodDto::instantiateFromRequest($request);
$processor = Payments::processPayment($payable);
$processor->purchase($paymentMethodDto); // will emit PaymentPaid event on success
    // ...

PaymentGateway Facade

With EscolaLms\Payments\Facades\PaymentGateway you can call payment provider gateways directly.

For existing payment you can for example do:

use EscolaLms\Payments\Dtos\PaymentMethodDto;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Facades\PaymentGateway;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Models\Payment;

$payment = Payment::find($id);
$paymentMethodDto = PaymentMethodDto::instantiateFromRequest($request);
$paymentDto = PaymentDto::instantiateFromPayment($payment); // or you can create it manually
PaymentGateway::purchase($paymentDto, $paymentMethodDto); // will use default payment driver

Important: This will not save Payment object.

To use specific driver, you can call

PaymentGateway::driver('stripe')->purchase($paymentDto, $paymentMethodDto);

Available payment drivers

  • stripe (using Stripe Payment Intent)
  • free
  • przelewy24
  • TODO: stripe-checkout

Payable Trait & Interface

Payable trait and interface are the core of this package, enabling simplified calling of PaymentsService and GatewayManager. When you include it in your model that represents a Payable (for example Cart or Order or Product) you can begin payment processing for that Payable by calling $payable->process() which calls Payments::processPayable($this) and automatically creates a Payment and returns a PaymentProcessor instance for that Payment.

EscolaLms\Cart package uses this trait and interface in EscolaLms\Cart\Models\Order.

Payment Processor

EscolaLms\Payments\Entities\PaymentProcessor is a special class which wraps around Payment and contains functionality related to processing that payment, for example generating links to payment gateways, automatically setting payment status after purchase, emiting events related to payment status, etc.

use EscolaLms\Payments\Dtos\PaymentMethodDto;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Entities\PaymentProcessor;
use EscolaLms\Payments\Models\Payment;

$payment = Payment::find($id);
$paymentMethodDto = PaymentMethodDto::instantiateFromRequest($request);
$processor = new PaymentProcessor($payment); // instead of using Payments facade

PaymentProcessor automatically selects free driver when payment amount equals 0.

Payment Model

This package defines a EscolaLms\Payments\Models\Payment which contains all data abount given payment required for payment gateways to work.


All the endpoints are defined in swagger.


Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to run tests. See tests/Mocks/Payable as an example how a Payable is defined.

Test details: codecovphpunit


  • EscolaLms\Payments\Events\PaymentCancelled - - emited after payment processing is cancelled (by user action or possibly by timeout sent from payment gateway)
  • EscolaLms\Payments\Events\PaymentFailed - emited after payment has failed (payment gateway returns error)
  • EscolaLms\Payments\Events\PaymentRegistered - emited when new Payment is created
  • EscolaLms\Payments\Events\PaymentSuccess - emited when payment gateway returns success


No Listeners are defined in this package.

How to use this package on Frontend

Admin Panel

Left Menu

Admin panel menu

List of Payments

List of Payments


Permissions are defined in Enum and seeded in Seeder.

Roadmap. Todo. Troubleshooting

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