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Package Youtube integration

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What does it do

This package is used for creating Youtube livestream for Webinar in EscolaLms.


Configuration in console cloude youtube

Login in console cloud google and create new project Create new project in google console After created project got to the interfaces api and enable YouTube Data API v3 Enable interface Youtube data api

Copy Login data from youtube api Go to Login Data and create Api key and OAuth 2.0 client IDs and enter data for variables:


After entered data, you must generate refresh token. If you generated refresh token with api from endpoints:

  • api/admin/g-token/generate POST {"email": "email"} AUTHORIZE and opened generated url and follow the instructions
  • After action upper yt generated refresh token for variable Or you can generated refresh token manual and enter for variable


Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit --filter=Youtube to run tests. See tests folder as it's quite good staring point as documentation appendix.

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