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Topic Type GIFT


What does it do

This package is another TopicType. It is used to make knowledge tests. If you want to learn more about this format then see Moodle GIFT format

This package supports the following types of questions:

  • multiple choice
  • multiple choice with multiple right answers
  • true-false
  • short answers
  • matching
  • numerical question
  • essay
  • description

Each question is stored in the database as a string. In the tests you can see examples of questions of different types. See examples

The quiz can have a set maximum number of attempts for the user to solve the test and a maximum time for each attempt. If the user doesn't complete the attempt then it is closed automatically after the time set by the variable Config::get('escolalms_gift_quiz.max_quiz_time'); The user will see the results when the attempt is finished.

The answer to an essay type question is not automatically graded. The teacher should do it.


  • composer require escolalms/topic-type-gift
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed --class="EscolaLms\TopicTypeGift\Database\Seeders\TopicTypeGiftPermissionSeeder"


The endpoints are defined in swagger


See the database schema snippet for a better understanding of how it is made.


Student flow

See diagram of how student flow works.



Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to run tests. Test details codecov


  • QuizAttemptStartedEvent - This event is dispatched when the user starts a new attempt to solve the test.
  • QuizAttemptFinishedEvent - This event is dispatched when the user has finished solving the test.


This package does not listen for any events.


Permissions are defined in seeder.