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Configuration management package



This package can be used to register application config keys which can be then modified through API and/or Admin Panel.


  • composer require escolalms/settings
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed --class="EscolaLms\Settings\Database\Seeders\PermissionTableSeeder"
  • optional: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=escola_settings.config to publish config file




Config file contains use_database option, which determines if Config should be written and loaded to database (if true), or config files should be overwritten (if false);

Registering config keys

Every package can register config keys by calling registerConfig static method from AdministrableConfig Facade in its own Package Service Provider register method.

use EscolaLms\Settings\Facades\AdministrableConfig;

public function register(){


    AdministrableConfig::registerConfig($key = 'config_file.config_key', $rules = ['required', 'string'], $public = true, $readonly = false);


When registering a configuration key you can:

  • specify validation rules for values that can be stored (using any of rules available for Laravel validator)
  • specify if key is public (so anonymous users can retrieve the value)
  • specify if key is readonly (so it is returned by API but can not be changed using API)

Loading config

Config will be automatically loaded from database (if use_database config options is true). Otherwise, if overwriting config files is chosen, normal Laravel config loading mechanism is used.

Changing config

EscolaLms\Settings\Facades\AdministrableConfig facade can also be used to modify and retrieve values for registered config keys.

AdministrableConfig::setConfig(array $config); // sets config values for any registered config key in $config array, running validation rules
AdministrableConfig::getConfig(); // returns values for all registered config keys
AdministrableConfig::getPublicConfig(); // returns values for config keys registered with public: true

These methods are utilised by web API of this package.

Config Repository Extension & Config Rewriter

This package extends basic config Facade of Laravel Framework wrapping it in EscolaLms\Settings\ConfigRewriter\ConfigRepositoryExtension decorator. This extended Config repository has a write method that can be called to store all in-memory changes to configuration values straight into config files. Writing operation tries to preserve structure of original config files (order of keys, comments, etc.) but it's not always possible (parses this package uses is WIP) and sometimes everything other than keys and values can be removed from config file. Using Database to store modified config values is a safer (non-destructive) option.


All the endpoints are defined in swagger.


  • EscolaLms\Settings\Events\SettingPackageConfigUpdated emitted when settings are changed using web API.


No Listeners are defined in this package.

How to use this package on Frontend

Admin Panel

Left menu

Admin panel menu

List of registered Settings for single package (EscolaLms\Auth package used in screenshot)

List of registered settings for single package

Editing registered Setting

Editing registered Setting


Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit --filter 'EscolaLms\\Settings\\Tests' to run tests. See tests folder as it's quite good staring point as documentation appendix.

Test details: codecovphpunit


Permissions are defined in Enum and seeded in Seeder.

Roadmap. Todo. Troubleshooting

  • Describe what "Settings" part of this package does (as only "Config" was described, and this package has/had second purpose)